Small Animal Services

Wellness Care

Many illnesses are predictable and preventable. Preventive care is what you want for your pet. Starting with the young puppy or kitten, our wellness care programs will lay a foundation for the pet's life. Comprehensive physical exams, counseling for proper diet choice, complete vaccination program, neutering, heart worm, internal parasite, and flea preventatives contribute to a healthy and long life.

Dental Care

Dental care is so important to the health of your pet. Bad breath is just the beginning. Dental disease is a constant source of infection that exposes the entire body making kidney, liver, heart valve disease and bladder stones more likely for your pet. In later life, dental disease is a source of pain for your pet. We are definitely concerned for your pet's safety. We make at home care easy with excellent products, and stress timely intervention with antibiotics for those pets with periodontal disease. Look in your pet's mouth; do they need a cleaning? Let's get that scheduled.


When surgery is needed, we offer the most advanced anesthesia delivery system, surgical techniques, and patient monitoring. All patients are carefully screened for health and pre-surgical blood work is recommended. Patient monitoring during surgery includes pulse and breaths, assisted respiration, ECG, oxygen and body temperature. Anesthesia is specifically selected for the individual pet. Many surgeries do not require general anesthesia, but can be done under sedation and a local anesthesia. Pain control, pre and post surgery is our goal. Our fully trained veterinary and technical staff focuses on a safe and successful surgical procedure.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a safe and effective way to help manage your pet's condition. Use of the laser allows us to use fewer medications. It reduces inflammation, speeds healing, and helps increase joint flexibility. Use of the laser does not cause pain, and just requires your pet to remain still for a few minutes during treatment. There are many conditions that can be treated with laser and acupressure.

In Hospital Diagnostics

Escatawpa Animal Clinic takes pride in the wide variety of diagnostics that are provided for your pet in our hospital. Heartworm and feline leukemia/immune deficiency viral tests, fecal exams, pancreatitis screening, stool occult blood, and parvo viral tests are performed during your appointment. State of the art blood and urine analyzers and our trained technical staff can perform chemistries, electrolytes, CBC, and urinalysis within one hour. For less routine and/or more comprehensive lab test we use IDEXX, Antech, and Avid commercial labs, also Alabama, Mississippi and Texas state labs. Getting the diagnosis with accurate, efficient, and speed gets the staff to the treatment plan rapidly. Medical treatment plans include IV therapy, wound management, nutritional support, pain relief, and intensive care.


Caring for your pet while you are away is our privilege. We want happy campers. We can comfortably board your dogs and cats. Call for more information.

Digital Radiography

The use of digital radiography is helpful in diagnosing problems such as injuries, masses, orthopedic conditions as well as many diseases. This technology gives us the benefit of capturing images much faster than previous methods and reduces the amount of exposure to your loved pet as well as our staff. Digital radiography also allows our doctors to manipulate the captured image by controlling the contrast, rather than needing to take more images and exposing your pet to more radiation.